A Brief Reiki Q&A

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a hands-on energy healing modality that can be practiced everyone. It’s can be used as much or as little as you like. It alleviates pain, speeds healing and recovery, boosts energy, and encourages relaxation. Reiki is always positive and has no contraindications whatsoever. Reiki is completely secular, it has no belief system attached to it, you can believe whatever you like – or nothing at all – and still practice Reiki.

How can an educated person b elieve in something like Reiki?

There are two reasons why every educated person should accept Reiki:

  • Firstly, the evidence of your own senses. You can feel Reiki for yourself, you can experience its healing effects for yourself – you do not need to take anyone else’s word for it
  • Secondly, hands on healing has been shown to create a measurable extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic (EM) field on the surface of the hands in the range of 0.5 to 30 Hertz (cycles per second). This frequency of EM energy has long been established to trigger healing in both hard and soft tissues. It is used in such standard medical equipment as Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency Devices (PEMF) which operate within a similar frequency range.


This fact alone means that it is irresponsible NOT to use Reiki to alleviate pain and suffering!

And in fact 60% of the top 25 hospitals in the US now have Reiki programs in place. Another benefit of Reiki that is often overlooked is that it empowers people to contribute to their own healing and well being. In an age of professionalized medicine in which patients experience a sense of ‘loss of control’ over their own bodies and routines, recovering a measure of direct control over and contributing to one’s own health can be enormously empowering . Studies have shown that positivity boosts our immune system, so attitude counts when it comes to healing or resisting infection.

How do I get Reiki?

Any Usui Reiki Teacher with a lineage leading back to Mikao Usui can initiate you to Reiki. Upon receiving the initiation you will be able to channel the Reiki energy. After the initiation you will need to use Reiki every day for at least a week before you can feel the energy strongly (though some people feel it right away). With Reiki, use is everything.