How is each session structured?

Each rebirthing session lasts around one hour. You lay on a massage table. We do a 5-10 minutes relaxation exercise and then start slow circular breathing. When you are comfortable with that level of energy we increase the rate of breathing. Again when you are comfortable with the higher level of energy we increase the breathing rate again and so on. You will be in complete control of the session so that you always remain in your ‘comfort zone’. The energy disappears just as soon as you resume normal breathing, so that you can stop the session at any time you like.

How many sessions will I need?

This varies from person to person. Normally you will begin to experience significant change within 2 – 3 sessions. You should expect to undertake 6-10 rebirthing sessions. The adjustments that you will want to make in your life as a result of rebirthing may take time to implement and will continue in the weeks and months after you have finished.

 Are there any contra-indications?

Rebirthing breathwork is contraindicated for serious mental problems requiring psychiatric supervision and any serious health conditions such as asthma, epilepsy, hypertension or heart disease.

How can I book a rebirthing session?

Call (+90) 0532 503 1731

Where are the rebirthing sessions held?

Gulcan Arpacioglu Training v Consulting Center, Bagdat Cd. Haldun Taner Sk. Guney Apt. N.12 K.5, Caddebostan. Istanbul.