What is rebirthing breathwork?

Rebirthing is a style of breathwork that involves relaxed circular breathing. This acts to quickly raise your level of internal energy. These increased energy levels last for only 20 – 30 minutes but are sufficient to trigger a deep process of personal change and transformation. Change and transformation is experienced in the days and weeks after each session. Rebirthing breathwork is capable of facilitating major changes in our lifestyles.

What are the benefits?

Rebirthing breathwork acts as a catalyst for deep personal change and transformation. It is probably the fastest way of triggering these changes. Change will start to be experienced after just a few sessions.

How many sessions do I need & how are they structured?

You should think in terms of taking 6 – 10 sessions. Each session lasts roughly one hour. You should take no more than 1 to 2 sessions a week. You will lay on a treatment bed, relax and then commence circular breathing. As your energy increases you will monitor your own comfort level and modify you breathing to stay within your own comfort zone. No one will ‘push’ you to do more than you are comfortable with.

Can anyone do it?

Rebirthing breathwork is intense. You need to decide how much you want change in your life. If you feel stuck in your career, relationships or just in life generally or you do not know in which direction to go or what to do next, then rebirthing will allow an answer to emerge in just a short time.

Is rebirthing breathwork contraindicated?

Because of the high levels of energy involved you should not practice rebirthing breathwork if you are already under medical and/or psychiatric supervision. You should avoid it if you have serious cardiovascular problems. In such cases you will find that mindfulness meditation will offer a far better solution for you.