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“It’s rare to find a book that can clearly elucidate the complexities of the paranormal. The Healing Field is such a book. By exploring unusual phenomena at the borders of consensual reality, Peter Mark Adams skillfully bridges the gap between conventional consciousness and the esoteric. He covers diverse topics ranging from ‘psi’ phenomena, to energy healing, shamanism, meditation, transformation and enlightenment. Anyone interested in the transpersonal journey will find this book a treasure-trove.”

Richard & Michael T. Greenwood MD


Excerpt: The Healing Field

Ten years ago I was diagnosed by a medical doctor and acupuncturist with an enlarged liver. His diagnosis involved the use of a micro ohm-meter, a device that monitors variations in the skin’s electrical resistance. He told me that my condition could be healed but this would require weekly treatments for the next 8 months.

A day or so later my wife, Gulcan, and I met a Russian bioenergist who offered to demonstrate her healing skills. Since neither of us shared a common language we couldn’t discuss my health issues, or anything else for that matter. Instead she passed her hands around me at a short distance from my body and quickly diagnosed the same liver condition as the acupuncturist. This impressed me, and I decided to undertake a healing session with her the following week.

The session started with her bringing her own energy into ‘focus’. She asked me to breathe deeply and rapidly a few times. I am familiar with various sorts of breathwork so I recognized that this would quickly increase the level of my inner energy. She then massaged my liver, and this marked the last second at which my awareness could be said to be operating within normal bounds. She inhaled sharply, and as she did so her hands pulled some manner of invisible ‘blockage’ from my liver and into herself, as though ripping a plant, roots and all, out of the soil. She then exhaled powerfully over my head. Right then my whole mood and energy shifted. I felt weak and light at the same time. Although these actions describe what happened, they completely fail to do justice to the intensity of the process that I experienced.

When she ‘pulled’ the problem out and into herself it showed quite clearly in the pain and sadness that were etched into her face. A moment later she lifted her face upwards and powerfully blew out, permanently and completely releasing the problem. I felt weak. I lay down. I was completely overcome by what I can only describe as ecstatic bliss, pure and endless joy, a sense of the unutterable, perfection and humor of existence itself. I dissolved in joyful laughter – a level and depth of laughter that I have never experienced before. I was ecstatic and laughed uncontrollably for half an hour.

About a week later, I visited the acupuncturist who checked my liver once more only to find, much to his amazement, that he could no longer find any trace of the liver problem. When we told him about my session with the bioenergist he said, “I must meet this woman!” Ten years later I am still completely free of the liver problem.

This account touches on many of the themes that we will be exploring through the first-hand accounts of gifted energy healers. In particular it illustrates the intimate connection that exists between our natural energy fields, our health and the quality of our awareness. It demonstrates our innate ability to intuitively understand the deep, emotional roots of ill health. And it shows how natural processes can affect fast and effective healing by changing the dynamics of our energy field.

The reality revealed through energy based healing is quite different from the world of most people’s day to day experience. Like most of us, I have been raised to believe that what you see is all there is and everything in the universe, without exception, can be reduced to and explained by the particles of matter that we have catalogued bumping into one another. These beliefs mark the boundaries of conventional wisdom. But the accounts of healing gathered here, drawn for the most part from our own case files, reveal that this picture is incomplete. Reality is far more diverse, multi­dimensional and connected than we imagine. The practical implication of this is that each and every one of us, using only natural methods, can realize a level of healing and positive personal transformation far beyond conventional expectations.


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