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A crisis of healing or personal transformation is always accompanied by:

  • Shifts in the level and quality of our awareness
  • Shrinking, expansion or dissolution of our sense of identity
  • Revelation of hidden aspects of reality
  • Recovery of our sense of wholeness and connectivity with a wider sense of reality
  • Acceptance of knowledge gleaned from states outside normal, waking consciousness

These experiences constitute a parallel reality so that we now possess, in effect, two maps of the same territory ­ ‘the consensual map’ and ‘the anomalous map’. Can we effect a translation from one to the other?

The sense we have from anomalous experiences is that:

  • Consciousness is not just ‘in our heads’. Consciousness, alongside energy/matter, is a fundamental property of reality. It is both a shared and shareable property of reality. Certain aspects of consciousness will turn out to be beyond our ability to comprehend.
  • Identity is both far more fluid and far more durable ­ continuous through time ­ than the ‘narrative view’ of selfhood suggests. Not that the narrative view is ‘wrong’ ­ it’s a good description of the functioning of the ‘social­self’ ­ but it is simply one aspect of a far more complex, multi­layered ‘subject’ whose core is a state of pure awareness.
  • What we call ‘reality’ is just one facet of a vastly more complicated, multi­dimensional ‘whole’ the limits of which we cannot even begin to grasp.

We will unpick these various themes as we seek a translation or mappings of these different versions of reality.