In this section of the site you can find a range of articles spanning some of my main interests and healing practices. You can access the various sections from the Articles Page Menu (above). Below is a brief summary of what each section addresses.


Consciousness Articles

Consciousness is one of the hottest topics being researched and debated today. The kinds of answers that we come up with to such fundamental questions as: "what is consciousness?", "where does it come from?" and "what, if any, are its limits?" set the entire tone for any discussion about the nature of personal identity, free will and human potentiality. 


Rebirthing Breathwork Articles

Rebirthing breathwork is a powerful, practical technique for realizing profound personal change and transformation in a short period of time. Rebirthing breathwork  involves laying down in a state of complete relaxation and utilizing a breathing technique called 'circular breathing'. By modulating the depth and speed of your own breathing you can control the level of your own inner energy. It is the rapid increase in this energy that dissolves any internal resistance to the changes you need to make in your life. 


Reiki Articles

Usui Reiki is a popular hands-on healing technique. It can be learned and practiced by anyone and is suitable for the treatment of all conditions irrespective of age. Reiki's smooth, relaxing energy restores you, repairs your body, boosts your natural healing capability and provides a powerful and compassionate path of service. Reiki is now practiced by millions of people worldwide and is beginning to be accepted and used in many of the world's leading hospitals and hospices.


Mindfulness Articles

Mindfulness is one of the world's simplest and most ancient meditation practices. It is also one of the most natural and effective techniques for promoting and maintaining physical, mental and emotional health and stability. Intense scientific research on its health benefits and how it works has revealed its many extraordinary properties. 


Academic Journal Articles

In the course of 15 years or so of intensive healing work you inevitably come across cases that are so unusual - and in some cases, so disturbing - that it is important to document them and share that knowledge within a professional community. This section currently contains two topics. The first deals with four cases of healing interventions involving 'deceased persons'. The other topic in this section, 'Lord of the Flies', involves a case of possession. Please be advised that this is disturbing material. If you are sensitive to such issues then this material is not for you.