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Forthcoming Book : The Game of Saturn

Posted on Sep 16 by

The Game of Saturn Scarlet Imprint : We are delighted to announce our next title, The Game of Saturn: Decoding the Sola-Busca Tarot by Peter Mark Adams, which will be published December 2016. Extensively illustrated in full colour, the book will be available in standard hardback and fine editions. The Game of Saturn is the first full length, scholarly study of the enigmatic Renaissance masterwork known as the Sola-Busca tarot. An ethno-historical study, it reveals the existence of a pagan liturgical and ritual tradition active amongst members of the Renaissance elite and encoded within the deck. Beneath its beautifully decorated surface, its imagery ranges from the obscure to the grotesque; we encounter scenes of homoeroticism, wounding, immolation and decapitation redolent of hidden meanings, violent transformations and obscure rites. For the first time in over five hundred years, the clues embedded within the cards reveal a dark Gnostic grimoire replete with pagan theurgical and astral magical rites. Careful analysis demonstrates that the presiding deity of this ‘cult object’ is none other than the Gnostic demiurge in its most archaic and...


Precogs: Perceptual Diversity & Sustainability

Posted on Jan 23 by

  In the 1997 film ‘Minority Report’, based upon Philip P. Dick’s short story of the same name, a police unit, ‘Precrime’, utilizes gifted psychics to precognize crimes in time for them to intervene and prevent them from taking place. More controversially, they arrest the perpetrator­to­be and criminalize them just as if they had committed the crime.  The anthropologist, Charles Laughlin, noted that many societies derive their knowledge from many different states of consciousness including intuition, dreams and visions. He called these cultures ‘polyphasic’ and contrasted them with the predominantly ‘monophasic’ culture of modernism, which only credits experience gained in ‘normal’ waking consciousness (1). But even in the most modernist societies, a large, and growing, segment of society are far more willing to accept – if only in private – information derived through intuitive and empathic awareness. 80% of people claim to have experienced the more common forms of precognition and over half the US and European populations claim to have experienced telepathy, clairvoyance or contact with the dead (2). A further survey found that two thirds of the US...


Mapping Our Many Worlds & Conflicting Realities

Posted on Jan 23 by

  A crisis of healing or personal transformation is always accompanied by: Shifts in the level and quality of our awareness Shrinking, expansion or dissolution of our sense of identity Revelation of hidden aspects of reality Recovery of our sense of wholeness and connectivity with a wider sense of reality Acceptance of knowledge gleaned from states outside normal, waking consciousness These experiences constitute a parallel reality so that we now possess, in effect, two maps of the same territory ­ ‘the consensual map’ and ‘the anomalous map’. Can we effect a translation from one to the other? The sense we have from anomalous experiences is that: Consciousness is not just ‘in our heads’. Consciousness, alongside energy/matter, is a fundamental property of reality. It is both a shared and shareable property of reality. Certain aspects of consciousness will turn out to be beyond our ability to comprehend. Identity is both far more fluid and far more durable ­ continuous through time ­ than the ‘narrative view’ of selfhood suggests. Not that the narrative view is ‘wrong’ ­ it’s a good...


Modernity is an altered state of consciousness

Posted on Jan 7 by

  It will no doubt strike the reader as odd to find ‘modernity’, immersion in a consumer hyper-reality, described as an altered state, but that is exactly what it is. Nor is this state of affairs an accidental or inevitable outcome of ‘historical forces’. It is the result of the deliberate choices and planned acts of an elite who saw their financial and political control threatened by the very historical processes that they themselves had set in motion. “We must shift … from a needs to a desires culture. People must be trained to desire, to want new things, even before the old have been entirely consumed … Man’s desires must overshadow his needs.”(1) The mass democracies that emerged in the early 20th century out of the processes of industrialization created new challenges to traditional mechanisms of political, economic and social control. One response to these challenges has been to engage in the mass manipulation of awareness, the ‘engineering of consent’(2) , through propaganda and the manipulation of desire via the mass media, “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of...


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